Professor George Canning Snr

George Canning Snr is a renowned martial artist. Some refer to him as the "Godfather". George spent most of his life practicing martial arts. In the blink of an eye, this man can still drop into the full box splits at 80 years, which is something students a quarter of his age struggle to do at times. George is the brains behind Mugendo and its development. He took different aspects of other martial art forms and combined them to develop Mugendo

His passion for martial arts developed while serving in the Royal Engineers from 1959 - 1965. It started with boxing and led onto unarmed combat techniques, Judo and Ju-Jitsu. After leaving the army, George wanted to become more involved with martial arts so began training in Wado Ryu Karate in 1968 under the teachings of Peter Suzaki. George received his 1st Dan in July 1973. While learning from Peter Suzaki, George began establishing and growing Wado Ryu in Ireland and later on became the President of the Irish Karate Federation.

By 1980 George had attained the level of 5th Dan and was begining the development of Mugendo.

In the early eigthies George was conferred with the title of Professor in Croatia. Professor George Canning is also highly involved in Bio- Energy Healing. A technic he learned while out in Yugoslavia. George currently is active martial arts and retired from healing. He takes both sides of his life very seriously.



Grading Authority
Technical Positiions Held Organisation

1st Dan
  All Japan Karate Do Federation
  British  Karate Control Board
  Referee / Judge
2nd Dan
  All Japan Karate Do Federation
  European Karate Union
  Referee / Judge
3rd Dan 
  Amateur Karate Association
  UK Karate Federation
  Referee / Judge
4th Dan 
  Irish Karate Do Technical Committee
  World All Styles Karate Federation
  Referee / Judge
5th Dan 
  Irish Karate Do Technical Committee
  Irish Karate Do Federation
  Chief Referee / Judge
6th Dan 
  Mugendo International
  Mugendo Intrnational
  World Mugendo Organisation
  Chief Referee / Judge
7th Dan 
  Mugendo International
  University Of Mugendo
  Chief Referee / Judge
8th Dan 
  Mugendo International
  All Ireland Karate Do
  Wado Kai
9th Dan 
  England Karate Do
  Wado Kai
10th Dan 
  W.U.K.O Referee Course
  Chief Referee
 Honorary Member Organisation
 Founder of the following organisations
 Kempo Int
 Ed Parker
 Irish Karate Do Federation
 Hagishi Karate Do
 Peter Spanton
 Irish Karate Control Board ( Head of Technical Committee )
 Taekwon Do Association of Great Britain
Dave Oliver
 Mugendo International
 England Karate Do Wado Kia
 Wally Seaton
 World Mugendo Intrnational
 Iwinish Ryu
 Ticky Donovan
 University of Mugendo
 Bristish Association Ren Shin Kia
 Joe Johal
 All Ireland karate Do Wado Kia
 Wing Chun School of Kung Fu
 Wally Dillon
 New Zealand Chi Kuen Jow Association Kung Fu