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 Magazines, books & News Paper Articles

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Fighters Magazine June 1981

Fighters Magazine Sept 1984

Self Defence Magazine Volume 2 issue 1

The first British Martial Arts Magazine Published featuring Professor George Canning....

....... A true classic

Fighters inc kickboxing News Part 1

Fighters inc Kickboxing News Part 2

George Canning....A lifetime of Martial Arts

Issue 4 2010

Steve Hunt

Hand written thanks to the Professor from Manuel Pinto Coehlo book


Fighters Magazine December 1986


Marguerite Hilliard & Geraldine Leggett

Pebble Mill @ BBC Sporting Butler

Featuring the Ladies of Mugendo


Marguerite Hilliard & Geraldine Leggett

 Personal dedication to Professor George Canning From Bill Parfrey

Newspaper articles about Healing

with the Professor

if you would like to contribute and tell your story please contact us

Compilation of News Paper articles

Amazing Mugendo history

Fusco.....Master Filipo Fusco The Unlimited Man

Issue 2 2008

Interview about Martial Arts & Healing