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Champions of Mugendo

Brendan Burke


Head of Investigations Seychelles National Drug Enforcement Agency

Brendan Burke (European Champion 1988)




1984 Started training with Professor Canning as a private student.

1987 Became Irish Kick Boxing Champion

1988 Won European Mugendo Middleweight Title


In the fall of 1988 Brendan was in a horrific motorcycle accident and the Professor helped him through healing on his road to recovery. Still wanting to be active in Mugendo, Brendan took to training and coaching with Professor George Canning in the Garda Sports Karate Club where they both created a special branch of Mugendo that was fitting to use within the boundaries of law enforcement.

1989 Brendan was the main instructor for the Garda Sports Karate Club (GSKC) He took a 3 man team to the World Police & Fire Games in Vancouver where they won Gold, Silver and Bronze for Ireland.


1991 Brendan took a 5 man team to the World Police & Fire Games where they won 2 Gold, Silver & Bronze. Brendan took the Bronze medal for Boxing in the Middleweight category.

He continued Mugendo training with the Professor and teaching in the GSKC for a further 5 years


1995 Head instructor at Westmanstown gym

2009 Retired from Garda as a Detective Inspector

2012 RTE Television - Hostile Environment Factual Documentary - Episode 2


Brendan is Head of Investigations with the Seychelles National Drug Enforcement Agency.