Under the recommendation of Professor George Canning Snr 10th Dan and founder of World Mu-Gen-Do Kickboxing University 
a new committee has been formed, This decision was made last year
Committee member's are as follows

President Prof.George Canning 10th Dan
Vice President Prof George Canning Jnr 9th Dan
Chief Instructor Prof George Canning Jnr 9th Dan
Chief Technical Director Mu-Gen-Do world wide Prof George Canning Jnr 9th Dan
Chairman Tim Crowley 7th Dan
Secretary John Kennedy 3rd Dan
Assistant Instructor Joss Fanning 6th Dan
Assistant Instructor Fergal Lalor 6th Dan
UK Instructors Prof Steven Hunt & Dave Hunt

All enquirers ref teaching and grading please contact www.worldmugendouniversity.com

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Professor George Canning
10th Dan Mugendo